Our aviation law team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the aviation industry, including corporate aircraft ownership, flight-time sharing, shared-ownership structures, and aircraft management and leasing. We are not just practitioners; we are dedicated to advancing the aviation industry both professionally and personally. We partner with you to navigate commercial and business projects, handle various legal disputes, and manage the regulatory environments that shape the aviation sector.

Our Services

 – Legal Advisory: Providing expert legal advice tailored to the aviation industry.
 -Aircraft Acquisition and Leasing: Assisting with the purchase, lease, and financing of aircraft.
 -Joint Venture Agreements: Facilitating partnerships between local and foreign airlines.
 – Dispute Resolution: Resolving conflicts through negotiation, mediation, and litigation.
 – Negotiations and Legal Drafting: Drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements specific to aviation.
 – Legal Due Diligence: Conducting comprehensive legal evaluations for aviation transactions.
 – Wrongful Death and Personal Injury: Handling cases related to accidents resulting in injury or death.
 – Flight Delays & Cancellation Compensation: Securing compensation for delays and cancellations.
 – Unfair Dismissal: Representing clients in cases of unjust termination within the aviation sector.